5 Latino Holidays Drinks

Here are 5 Latino drink recipes to get you started, get you going and for the day-after. ____________________________________________________________________   COQUITO – Coquito, a tropical eggnog made with rum, coconut milk, condensed milk, vanilla extract, and cinnamon, is a must-have drink in every Puerto Rican household during the holidays. RECIPE     ____________________________________________________________________   […]

Ensalada de Nochebuena / Christmas Eve Salad

Our family eats this traditional refreshing salad with fresh fruits, peanuts & pomegranates every Christmas eve with homemade tamales, beans and rice Ensalada de Nochebuena Recipe by Darlene Tenes of CasaQ 1 small head of Iceberg or Romaine lettuce, thinly sliced 1 med-sized pineapple, sliced or 1 (20 oz.) can sliced […]

Say ‘Basta!’ to Basic Burgers

Here are some ideas to liven up your next home-made burger.   BREADS Hamburger Buns (Sesame Seed, Onion, Honey Wheat), Bagels, Sour Dough, French Roll, Ciabatta Roll, Bolillo, Jalapeño Cheddar Cheese Roll   SPREADS Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Mustard (yellow & brown),BBQ Sauce, Hot Sauce, Dressings (thousand Island, Bleu Cheese, Ranch, etc..), […]

Grandpa Rudy’s Chuncky Ranchero-Style Guacamole

It’s difficult to write down a guacamole recipe. It’s similar to making tortillas, you don’t really follow a recipe, you just learn to do it. My dad’s addicting family recipe is chunky and includes Cotija cheese which gives it an extra special taste. All ingredients should be included but are […]

Puerto Rican Coquito Rum Punch

Coquito is a traditional Puerto Rican punch served at Christmas and New Years celebrations. The drink is similar to eggnog but without eggs and lots of rum, yum, yum! INGREDIENTS 1 – 15 oz cans Cream of Coconut (Coco Lopez) 1 – 14 oz cans Sweetened Condensed Milk 1 – […]

10 Ideas for a Kahlua Christmas

It is no secret that I am a fan of Kahlúa especially during the Holiday Season so I put together a quick list of ideas for using my favorite rum & coffee liqueur in creative ways besides cocktails. Also, don’t forget to switch it up by using one of their […]