Mariachi Groups

Mariachi Alma de Mexico
Founded in 2004, Mariachi Alma de Mexico blends the passionate melodies of the traditional folkloric music with youthful energy and excitement. Aside from providing high quality entertainment, Mariachi Alma de Mexico is dedicated to educating the colorful culture of Mexico to younger generations through its own music academy.

Contact Information
Director: Angel Amezquita


Mariachi San Jose
Mariachi San Jose founded in 2001 is a semi-professional co-ed ensemble composed of high school, college, and graduate students between the ages of 16-23. This group provides youth with the opportunities to stay engaged in a positive activity, to stay focused on school and continue cultural traditions. Students are currently attending or graduated from Santa Clara University, Stanford, San Francisco State, MIT & University of Guadalajara.

Contact Information
Director: Andrez Garza
(408) 205-0291


Mariachi Santa Cecilia
Founded in 1995, Mariachi Santa Cecilia is a dynamic ensemble, upholding the tradition of the oldstyle mariachi , while also featuring the rich harmonies of both male and female vocals.  Many of the group’s multi-talented musicians are also local educators, bringing this beautiful tradition to our Bay-area youth.  Mariachi Santa Cecilia can be heard pleasing the crowds every weekend at the World-famous San Jose Flea Market.

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Director: Suzanna Lambert


Mariachi Mexicanisimo
Founded in 1996, Mariachi Mexicanismo popularity continues to grow as they blend traditional Mexican folk music with a dash of modern flair while flexing their strong vocals and incredible instrumentals. They have performed alongside popular singing talents such as Lucero, Sparx, Franco de Vita, Gerardito Fernandez, Carmen Jara, Maribel, Guardia, Laura Flores, Pepe Aguilar and Rodrigo Vidal.

Contact Information
Director: Raymundo Coronado
(510) 487-3991


Mariachi Tapatio
Considered one of the finest Mariachis in California, Mariachi Tapatio talented musicians and great voices hail from Guadalajara the birthplace of Mariachis and tequila.

Contact Information:
Director: Salvador “Chava” Gonzalez
(408) 258-0925 / (408) 802-7918